May 1, 2020 Update

Looking Forward

Greetings from the executive of the Markham Prayer Breakfast Committee where we are looking forward to the Markham Prayer Breakfast.  We are cautiously optimistic the breakfast scheduled for Friday, November 27, 2020 may happen.  We are praying for this.

There seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and things are very gradually getting back to normal – we are hopeful that by November we will be back to some form of normal and are looking forward to being together.

We would like to extend our thanks to many of our newsletter readers who responded with positive comments and thoughts following our most recent edition. We focused on prayer and hope with offered connections to messages that help to sustain us.

As a prayer breakfast committee, we would like to share this prayer with you for your personal use.

Dear Lord

We remember that you are our light and our salvation, the stronghold of our lives.  We bless your name O Lord, with all that is within us.  For you are the one who forgives our iniquity; heals our diseases; redeems our lives; crowns us with steadfast love and mercy; and satisfies us with good as long as we live.  We thank you for the privilege to come before your throne of grace, through your son Jesus.

Lord, the world at this time is in need of healing.  We pray for your grace and mercy to help us in our time of need.  We pray for your healing hand on those who are ill.  Please give them strength and allow them to make full recoveries.

For families mourning the loss of loved ones, we pray for your presence to provide comfort and compassion.  Surround them with your love.

For healthcare workers and those providing essential services, we pray for their health and well-being; for the ability to manage under these circumstances; for their families to be safe.  

For governments, officials and public health departments, who are making difficult decisions, we pray for wisdom, courage, and strength.  We pray that they would serve well in their positions of authority.

For workers and industries who face difficult financial situations; for families who must find new ways to function; for churches and agencies for whom “social distancing” challenges the very reason they exist, we pray for good—even unexpected, unimaginable good—to result when the crisis has passed.

We give thanks for the many blessings that you plant daily along our path. We give thanks for your provision and care.  We entrust our communities and our lives into your hands.  

We pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen

We hope that you will find this helpful and we would welcome your feedback and prayer requests at this time – please email us at and we will share them through our committee and our website. Pray with us, we are stronger together.

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