Is it on or is it off?

That seems to be the number one question for the Markham Prayer Breakfast Steering Committee at the present time. While we are excited and encouraged to see a lifting of the restrictions associated with the COVID 19 pandemic we are also extremely mindful of the need for caution as we move forward.

The Markham Prayer Breakfast scheduled for November is certainly going to happen! However, at this stage we do not know what form that event will take, and we are certainly open to our readers thoughts and feedback on this topic. Please email us with your thoughts and ideas at

The central aim of the Markham Prayer Breakfast committee is to physically come together as a Christian community in Markham to pray for leadership both in government, commerce, and industry. We fully intend to uphold that aim for the 2020 breakfast even if we must compromise on the ‘physical coming together’ aspect.

Praying for our leaders continues to be of paramount importance and we encourage everyone to continue and even enhance their prayer regime during these ongoing difficult times. We shared this prayer with you in our last publication and we do so again now as the words continues to be timely and relevant.

                           1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Never stop praying”
Lord of the nations 

We thank you for the vision of heaven where people from every nation and tribe and people and tongue are present.  For you created the world and all who live in it.  You are our dwelling place in all generations.  You placed us in our families and determined the times set for us.
Lord, we ask for your mercy and grace to be with us today.  There is tension, anger, hurt and pain among different races and cultures.  Our hearts are sad to see all that has unfolded in the past weeks.  We pray against injustice, racism and violence.  We pray against despair, vengeance and hardened hearts.  Give us honesty and humility to see our own sin and selfishness.  Give us strength to offer the grace and peace of Christ to others, especially to those with whom we have differences.  We ask for you to heal and reconcile relationships.
Lord, we humbly ask your blessing be on us as a nation. Be with those who have struggled with the isolation and inability to see caregivers. Protect our front-line workers from the virus and give them the strength to carry on. Protect them from being haunted by the misery they have seen and the stress they have endured. Keep us glorious and free and remind us that You are in control.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, who loved us and gave his life for us.  Amen.

Our website will keep you updated on plans for breakfast this year and also will provide you with an opportunity to hear a message  from our featured speaker this year, Michael Messenger from World Vision.

We welcome your thoughts prayers and feedback.